Morning Fog

I took this one on Mother's Day on my way out to pick up some flowers. Once I passed over the railroad tracks, I knew I had to capture it.

Evening Cloudscape On Isle Of Palms

Storm clouds by the ocean is unlike any other landscape. Combine that with a sunset and you're left breathless. This occasion left me that way. All I could do besides stare in awe was to shoot. The sky is a beautiful piece of art that mixes color and light with moving subjects and we are left to scramble to capture it any way we can.

Beauty from an Upward Perspective

Sometimes when you look around and don't see beauty, you have to change your perspective.

Yosemite at Sunset

Happy 125th Anniversary to Yosemite National Park! I got to visit a few weeks ago. It was definitely not what I expected but it was incredible! I plan on spending a lot more time there next time. There's so much beauty to see. I'm glad we have decided to preserve it. Happy anniversary, Yosemite National Park!

Greenville Skyline

I recently took my own personal Photo Walk in Downtown Greenville by myself to try to get better perspectives of the city I've lived near for so long. This shot was from the Church St bridge where you can see the city skyline.

Downtown Village

From Main Street this is the view of the "village" around Reedy River that flows through Downtown Greenville. To the right you have the Wyche Pavilion. To the left you have several restaurants, shops, and galleries.